Welcome to Final Bell MMA

Hello ladies and gentleman, welcome to my new Mixed Martial Arts blog.

My name is Nathaniel Pendle and Mixed Martial Arts has been a passion of mine for quite some time now. It all started in 2008 when at the time I was a fan of WWE (I was young) and I had heard Brock Lesnar had gone to try his hand in the UFC. Not knowing much about the sport; but knowing all about Lesnar’s size and amateur wrestling credentials, I didn’t give anyone much of a chance against the behemoth from South Dakota. What would transpire in the match between Lesnar and former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir at UFC 81 gave birth to a fascination which would last until this day. Lesnar took control as expected; taking Mir down and hammering his face with ground and pound. As Lesnar stood up to stack the guard; Mir swivelled and rolled beautifully into a knee bar which left the beastly Brock with a choice of either a life altering knee injury or submitting and losing the match, he of course chose the latter. This illustrated to me the amount of ways there were to win (or lose) a mixed martial arts match and the pure technique involved in the sport, even between two brutish heavyweights.

Fast forward to just over 10 years later and I cannot imagine my life without mixed martial arts. I love to train it, I love to watch it and I love to talk about it. This blog is a way to share my passion with others and hopefully provide a unique viewpoint to readers.

My blog will cover fight predictions for upcoming cards; reviews of fight cards, top ten lists and my take on the ever evolving landscape of the MMA world. I will never claim to be 100% unbiased in my writing; however I aim to be as objective as possible by encompassing all viewpoints. I aim to cover all areas of the game; from business and promotion to fans and fighters.

Most bloggers have a long term goal in mind when they start writing. I am no different in this way and I would love at some point to be involved in mixed martial arts in a professional capacity; however until that day comes, I’m content to broadcast my ramblings all over the internet.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy my blog.

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